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Converting a MAN KAT1 truck into a camper: fridge, electric box & more!

On March 30th we took the truck home (hopefully it will not snow again until next winter!) and there is plenty of work to be done!

For our trip to Transylvania we would like to have the fridge, some drawers and the electric box installed.

This is how the living cabin looked like on March 30th morning:

The dinette area:



The area in front of the entrance door, where we want to place the fridge and a set of drawers:



The bathroom:


The temporary kitchen and the bed area:


After two days of hard work, the inspector came to check the construction site… and he was satisfied with the work accomplieshed:


And here is how it looked like in the afternoon of March 31st:


This weekend (6th and 7th April) we will be working on the electric box and the installation of the fridge, and this is how it looks like at the moment, Saturday 6th April, noon:


interior 2

By the end of the day, we could finally see some progress… we finalla have a fridge! 


Sunday morning: now we also have a small cabinet (which we will most probably use for shoes):


And this is how it looked like on Sunday 7th April, end of the day:

7 April a

7 April c


The cover for the electric box was build during the week and is now nearly ready, we have decided to include a shelf for loading mobile phones:

electric box cabinet


The electric box is also nearly ready,  it just needs to be covered:


And the dinette area with the attached shoe cabinet is also ready now:


April 19th April: the work proceeds…


interno 2

And finally the electric box is ready:



and so are we ….. can’t wait to start the trip!!!   We even have “temporary flooring”… this is pure luxury, isn’t it?


Curious to see how the truck looked like when we purchased it?  Click here.

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