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Three reasons why you should visit Lake Walchen in Bavaria

Lake Walchen, or Walchensee, as it is called in German, is a picturesque lake nestled in between the peaks of the Heimgarten and the Herzogstand mountains.

Situated around 80 km south of Munich, in the middle of the Bavarian Alps, it is one of the deepest and largest alpine lakes in Germany.  Its water is pure enough to drink.

I often wonder why this lake, with its stunning view, is a rather underrated destination, and often unknown to foreign tourists.

But why should you visit Lake Walchen?

If you enjoy water sports, this is the place to go to! 

Lake Walchen is a paradise for windsurfers, scuba divers appreciate its crystal-clear water that enables visibility up to 40 metres, you can rent a kayak or a boat, or, on a hot summer day, you can  enjoying a refreshing and cool dip.  

If walking, hiking or cycling is your thing, then you will not be disappointed.  

There are plenty of hiking and walking opportunities and so many routes for a bike ride that your will be spoilt for choice.   My recommendation:  you can start with the full circle around the lake (just over 27 km) which is suitable for both those walking and cycling.

Location, location, location!   

If you are not into sports, there is still plenty to do!

Lake Walchen, 80 km south of Munich

Travelling with kids?   Visit the movie set of “Wickie und die starken Männer“ (Vicky the Viking in English).

Do you like mountains?  Drive or take a bus to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (approx. 35 km), from where you can either climb the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany,  or you can take the cable car to the top.

Do want to impress your friends on Instagram?  Take the cable car up to the Herzogstand mountain, where you will have a magnificent view of the amazing emerald Lake Walchen as well as of the surrounding towns, villages and mountains!

And there is plenty more…. the mountain town of Mittenwald, known for its colorful painted houses and its violin-making history, is less than 20 km away;  the charming town of Bad Tölz is 35 km away; the Ettal Abbey, a Benedictine monastery, is only 40 km away;  Linderhof Palace is just over 50 km away.

If, like us, you travel by motorhome or a campervan, you can stay at the service area Einsiedl:

GPS N 47°34’9″ – E 11°18’10

which costed 10€ per night in 2020.   It is very quiet at night, despite being situated near a main road.

Service area Einsiedl

Alternatively, there is a campsite a few kms away (although I believe it is only open from May to September).

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  1. Thanks!!!! I am currently working on a blog on some other places I have recently “discovered” nearby… not being able to travel far has motivated us to visit our region more than we have done in the past. Stay safe!

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